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Mpowersites and Support

For those who don't have time, or consider themselves technically challenged, we offer two services to help you have an easy and successful experience with your new site.

Set Up Assistance
You send us your copy and photos [or direct us to your current site] and we'll set everything up for you.  If you need help with defining the content and would like a helping hand throughout the process, we're happy to do that as well.  Prices start at $100.

Executive Service
This is for larger or more complex sites.  Beckie LaSalle will help you make the most of your FHANAMembers site and your overall marketing strategy.  Prices start at $250.  Contact Beckie for details and to discuss your project.

Getting Started with Your Mpower Site or FHANAMembers Site

We are producing documents and videos to answer the most common questions about using your FHANA Member website and editor.  Download your Getting Started document. 

Our Help and Marketing Guides are available to Mpowersites and subscribers.  Here are a few examples. 

As you read through the various Guides you'll see a theme and that is the strategy of using keywords and phrases appropriately to make your site easier to be found by the search engines.  Its a fine line between going overboard, and loosing the personality of the site, and being invisible to your prospects.  One thing you can do is do your best to appropriately name your navigation tabs or website sections.  You only have up to 18 characters, so you have that limitation off the top. 

Let's say you have Horses for Sale.  I used to like the term Sales Horses, but I think Horses for Sale or Friesians for Sale is much better for search results.  You also have the headline and text on the page that you can use strategically, so don't make yourself crazy.  But do think about it.  Being conscious of the benefit of properly placed words will make a world of difference, and often right away.

Each site has a set number of pages that can be used and each page type can do different things.  A horse page, for example give you space to upload 5 images with each listing.  You have easily have 10 horses with 5 images each.  Those images can include a pedigree.  A FHANA chapter could use this horse page for their members instead of horses.  To give each member a place to talk about their farm and show their horses, as an alternative use.  The news page can be just that, or it can be used for classified ads or again, as a member list.  It allows 2 photos to be uploaded.

For more information on uses of the various page types, download the Mpower Page Type document.

You may email your questions at any time to the Mpower Support Team

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