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Mpowersites: Effective, Easy, Economical

"I just wanted to thank you for your recommendations. Two days after I made the changes to the site, we had an inquiry .. and sold three Nigerian Dwarf goats! She found us through the Quick Links on our site."
Starlight Ridge Friesians

"I love the program! I'm having a blast working on my new website."

Mpower is a custom designed subscription program that allows you to build your own website.  it was originally developed for member-based associations.  We've found its great for individuals who are looking for an economical website option too. Either way, if you're on a budget, its a great way to go, and its easy!

How it Works
An Mpower website is a simple, professional, turnkey system that allows for maximum effectiveness with minimum effort and expense. The main purpose of the site is to host web pages for subscribers, empowering them to:

  • Communicate and connect with clients and prospects
  • Tap into the cost savings and marketing benefits created by all participating subscribers
  • Maintain control over your content
  • Edit, add or expand content at will
  • Take advantage of expert marketing tools and insight
  • Choose from custom designed templates for a professional, cutting edge image 
Member Web Page
In our example of a Basic subscription, each member has 5 sections available: a Home page, an About page, a News page, a Photo Gallery, and a Contact Page.  The News and About pages allow upload of images and links and provides a robust text editor for copy, with no HTML!  Although we offer suggestions for the pages, you can name them what you like and use them in a variety of ways.
In addition, the News Page can be used to post many pages of content on the site.  Each news item can open to a stand- alone page, so members can have literally dozens of pages hosted on the site if they choose. The site creation and content management system [CMS] is secure and easy to use.  
Who is eligible to participate?
If the Mpower website is being developed in cooperation with an association, they will help determine the policies of the program.  Individuals will work directly with or through  
Your Mpowersites Subscription
The basic subscription plan is $25 per month with a 10% discount for subscribing for 12 months. A quarterly  payment option is also available. Additional features are offered in the Standard and Premium plans.  See the Mpower Features & Pricing page for details.
The annual fee includes hosting, support and maintenance. Instructional videos, help screens, and FAQs are planned.  Beckie's Blog and Marketing Guides are available to help you make the most of your site. 

You always have access via email to the website support team.  Prices and plans are customizable and subject to change, so be sure to contact Energize for details.
Marketing Focus
The Mpower concept goes beyond what is currently available on most sites because of its focus on marketing.  Every decision about the look and feel, functionality, and feature set was created with marketing in mind.  Its like having your own marketing manager on board at all times. 

Browser Compatibility
This is more important than it may seem.  We've done the work of making sure your website works across the various browsers that people are using.  We test for 8 different browsers.  If you build your own site with some other tools, you could work for hours and may  never find a way to make your page look the same, or even readable, in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari.  Its a tough task that we take care of for you.

Click on the thumbnail images on the right to see sample templates with descriptions.

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